Golf Prescription Glasses - Pro X (Single lens prescription £89.50, Bifocal - £114.50 )

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Rx Sunglasses are becoming an increasingly popular option for spectacle wearers around the world who need them for driving, sports and leisure usage. Rapid Eyewear's standard Rx frame is lightweight, comfortable and highly versatile - plus, importantly, they don't make you look silly when you wear them.
What Are Rx Sunglasses?
The Rx adaptor, or optical insert, is effectively a small plastic spectacle frame that sits behind the tinted lens on your sports sunglasses. This arrangement provides several key advantages:

  • Versatility - it allows for interchangeable tinted lens options to be used
  • Strength - it doubles the protective layers in front of your eyes for sport
  • It is highly cost effective
  • It is far cheaper and easier to update your prescription if required

If you've owned Rx eyewear before, you might be aware that a common issue is the wearer's eyelashes touching the inside of the prescription lenses. This is not a problem with the Rapid Eyewear frame, which keeps the insert at the optimum distance from your eyes without compromising on looks or light blockage.

Prescription Service
We are pleased to offer a full prescription service at prices way below what you would pay at an opticians. We can make up both single-vision and bifocal options. before committing to your purchase, please ensure you read the product notes carefully as there are some restrictions on eye strengths.


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